10 Surefire Tricks To Overcoming Even The Strongest, Most Powerful Addictions!

Depression, Loneliness, Man, Mood, People, SicknessThere are lots of self help articles especially when it comes to overcoming addictions. They all offer some type of information, but none of them are really concise and to the point.

In this article, I’ll share with you the 10 tips you absolutely need to put into practice no matter what type of addiction you’d like to fight.

1. What purpose is it serving,

In every addiction, it can be found that the addiction is serving some sort of purpose. No one goes out with the intention of becoming and addict. A severe childhood hurt that we are hiding from or a soldier returning from the battlefield that cannot forget the horrors of war. An addiction is a mask that man wears in order that society will not see the inner frailties

2. Low Self-esteem

Many self help articles talk about self esteem. Low self-esteem can be inflicted in many ways. A parent repeatedly telling a child he/she is no good or getting lost in the sea of the system of youth without homes. Sometimes low self-esteem may manifest itself as a cover for depression.

3. Rule out physical cause.

Sometimes low self-esteem can be a mask for depression, or depression can be a mask for a physical ailment. The first priority here is a complete physical performed by a competent physician to rule out any other causes.

4. Exercise.

As well as many self help articles, I believe that exercise can be extremely beneficial in helping one overcome their addiction. Not only is exercise good for the body but it is also good for the psychological manifestations of addiction.

5. Treat Yourself.

For every negative, there should be a positive. If you are working to overcome your addiction and find yourself being successful, then treat yourself to something good. It may be as simple as a movie, or a new hairdo, or a walk in the park. Do something. Reward yourself for beating the beast of addiction.

6. If you should fail.

Do not be prepared to beat yourself up if you should have any type of relapse. As many a previous smoker will tell you, it often took many tries before it became a successful quit. And so it goes with most addictions. Some are successful with the first try and many will fall only to get back up and brush themselves off and begin anew.

7. Anxiety and panic.

In some areas, as many self help articles state, anxiety and panic alone may be the things that keep an addict hooked. Instead of getting the right help, they self medicate with alcohol and drugs. For others, fear of panic and anxiety, is what keeps them hooked. How are they going to survive without it, They remember so well how it felt when they needed that next fix.

8. Treatments.

Addiction treatments are as varied as the number of addictions themselves and have to be tailored to meet the needs of the addict. What may work for one will do nothing for the other.

9. Coping skills.

Coping skills are a process that is taught and then learned by the addict to help him endure the cravings. Again, these skills may be specialized to the tpe of addiction the person has.

10. Counseling.

Counseling and therapy sessions are almost always indicated in the course of addiction treatment. Some addictions may be so strong, that one cannot fight the demon of addiction without the help of professional counseling. Perseverance is a must.

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