Are You Committed To Feeling Better,

Body Styles: 10 Steps to Loving Your Body - Positive body ...Where are your answers, You’re waiting on God to answer your prayers, but nothing happens. You’re not alone. There are many of people in your predicament. They’re waiting to feel better, happier, and healthier. They’re waiting to be addiction-free, depression-free, and pain-free. All have the same thing in common: They’re waiting on God to help.

But the answers have already been given. God has already helped and is still helping. That is, we have been given the tools to help ourselves. As a Christian, there’s nothing wrong with helping yourself. In fact, God supplies us with countless tools in the Bible to do just that. Through parables, commands, instructions, and shared wisdom, we are taught to help ourselves.

Don’t you want to stop the endless cycle of self-pity, depression, and hopelessness, Are you tired of feeling directionless and useless, This isn’t a sales pitch, but a life pitch. The idea of Christian self-help is biblical, realistic, and powerful. It actually starts with our willingness to empty ourselves of ourselves.

It’s amazing how we can actually get in the way of our own healing. We fight to control the winds of our own destiny, but in the process, we run our aground. Still, there is a way out. It’s starts by recognizing that God has a perfect plan, that He is good, and that His love is immeasurable. Knowing that, we are then able to allow Him to guide us.

And what a guide we have! Once you learn to change your perspective and apply foundational biblical truths, great things happen. True changes begin. Though it seems like an oxymoron, Christian self-help is actually rooted in our faith in God. It’s a journey of a lifetime, but we must be willing to make changes and trust that God is in control. That is where the answers lie. That is where real healing begins.

Are you committed to feeling better, If so, then it’s time to stop looking for help outside of yourself. Certainly, people may offer encouragement, support, or direct assistance, but it is you who decides to make the real changes. You have more power than you think. After all, the Bible says that we have been given “power, love, and self-discipline,” which means we have the ability within ourselves to enact change.

Don’t settle for a life that is filled with pain, regrets, and failures. God wants more for you than that. When you were saved, you believed in God. Take a step of faith now, and believe that He is giving you the power to heal by trusting fully in Him and acting on your faith.

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