Can It Threaten Your Health,

Five Ways to Treat Depression with HypnotherapyLow self-esteem can cause a lot of problems, both emotionally and physically, when left untreated. It can threaten your health, but there are also ways on how to avoid them.

Facts about depression. When a person has low self-esteem, depression is the first thing that happens. They start to feel worthless, which isolates them from their friends and family. Isolation only encourages them to think negative thoughts about themselves, which causes depression to go deeper. Suicide can be the result in some severe cases.

What you should know about anxiety. Low self-esteem causes a person to have little confidence in themselves, which can cause fear and panic attacks when they’re faced with a situation they don’t want to be in.

What is stress, Stress is a part of everyone’s lives, but it can seem enhanced for someone who’s suffering from low self-esteem. Steps should be taken to avoid some stress but since they’re not likely to do this, their anxiety builds up.

Weight Gain. Some people turn to food to fill the void of self-esteem. Some people even becomes obese because of all the weight they’ve gained. Heart problems and diabetes are just some of the health problems caused by too much weight gain.

Losing weight. There are the people who gain weight, then there are those who starve themselves because they think it will improve their appearance. But they become extremely sick because they never reach a level where they’re satisfied with the way they look and would need professional help.

What are addictions, Some end up being addicted to street drugs or prescription drugs. They get high on drugs and enter another world where there are no cares or problems. But if the addiction isn’t dealt with, they can end up brain damaged or even dead.

Alcohol abuse. For some people, turning to alcohol is a way of feeling better about themselves and forgetting their problems. They substitute alcohol as their friend because it provides them with the confidence they yearn for, but haven’t developed.

They do things they normally wouldn’t have the courage to do and it makes them feel almost invincible. Over time, as alcohol becomes an addiction, liver problems are caused as well as heart disease and even cancer.

Low self-esteem can cause a lot of problems and these are but a few examples. Building their confidence back up is important for people who suffers from low self-esteem. It needs to be treated otherwise health problems may occur.

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