Seven Simple Ways To Help You Sleep Better

Natural Ways to Fight DepressionThere are a lot of people around the world who are not getting an adequate amount of sleep. The National Sleep Foundation conducted a study and they found out that practically 74 percent of the population around the world has difficulty sleeping at night. They also presume that the root cause of the problem is due to the lifestyle that people have nowadays.

Customarily, people attribute their busy work schedule and weather changes with their sleeping problems. Comparable to the past years, people who are admitted in hospitals because of stress related disorders are increasing. When a person is not getting enough sleep, there are certain risks involved. They are inclined to accidents or injuries and they have poor quality of life. Psychiatric problems like depression and anxiety can also arise. Also, the functions of the body systems are compromised especially the immune system.

In order to improve the quality of sleep, try the following.

1. Abstain ingesting excessive caffeine, alcoholic beverages and smoking cigarette or tobacco. The most common caffeinated drinks are coffee, tea, and sodas which keep the mind more stimulated than some people think. Others suppose that the sedating effect of alcohol can facilitate them to fall asleep, but if truth be told, the effect is just temporary. According to Dr. Gary Zammit, the director of Sleep Disorders Institute in New York, wine and alcoholic drinks are sedative. They also decrease blood levels which significantly affects your sleep. Besides, people who drinks habitually are more likely to abuse it and over time will lead to addiction. The same assumption applies with too much tobacco intake, so it is important to stay away from such products.

2. Develop and utilize a cognitive behavior therapy. It includes two forms of psychotherapy – cognitive therapy and behavior therapy. Definitely, this will help cure the different symptoms of insomnia. You may see a professional and get opinion regarding this kind of therapy.

3. Try to establish a sleep-conducive environment at home. Your room plays a central role in getting enough rest. Ensure that your room is dark, clean, and stress-free. Also check if your room has good ventilation. It is imperative to check the room’s ventilation. You can also put blankets and soft pillows made of pure cotton.

4. Avoid taking naps during daytime. It is good to have catnaps to get energy but if you are looking for ways to get asleep at night, you should avoid sleeping during the day. It would only cause you to stay awake even late at night.

5. Make it a habit to exercise regularly. Working in the office will make you sweat mentally though it will not give you an adequate amount of work physically. It is worthwhile to have workouts for at least 20 minutes to make your body feel stimulated. Regular exercise will not only keep you feet it will relax your body as well since you are getting enough oxygen.

6. Create and follow a bedtime schedule. Establish a habit to sleep and wake up the next day around the same time everyday including weekends. This will aid you in determining how many hours of sleep do your body needs. Compliance should be implemented.

7. Rest and take deep breaths. There are alternative ways of getting relaxed. You can simply have a warm bath before going to sleep. Massage is beneficial as well. This will also reduce the stress in your body.

Certainly, there are other ways that you can practice in order to get good and quality sleep especially at night. Relieve yourself from stress because it will make you vulnerable to a number of health problems. Bear in mind to live one day at a time.

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