Symptoms To Recognize

Eeyore depression change in the normal functioning of the body can be a cause for concern. As we get older, the body’s defense mechanisms automatically move slower resulting in illnesses that were perhaps not a part of the ‘deal’ earlier on. In the case of Parkinson’s Disease the most common symptoms that are noticeable with age, genetics and toxins include an extreme rigidity in muscles, change in speech patterns, tremors and change in gait. At present there is no concrete cure for the malady but there are treatments that help deal with the symptoms. Stem cell research, along with other methods of research, is being conducted with a view to treating the patient based on age and general symptoms. The point is that while there is not really a cure at the moment, researchers are doing all they can to nip this disease in the bud at the earliest. Along the way, it is best for one to be educated about the illness, and if it is genetic, one must be prepared in case it is transferred.

Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease

Detailed below are general symptoms that one has to be vigilant about so that one is prepared as this disorder progresses and worsens with age.

-Slowness in movement that was earlier as easy as blinking an eyelid; i.e. voluntary movements are much slower than before.

-Blinking of the eyes is limited; speech is usually monotonous with no expression or decreased expression on the face.

-Shuffling and poor stooped posture with lack of co-ordination.

-Constant rolling of the thumb or the forefinger.

– Stiffness of the trunk with a problem swallowing later on as the disease progresses.

-A general feeling of dismay and lackluster interest in appearance.

-Confusion and depression because of loss of co-ordination of the limbs or gait.

Professional Care

If one feels that one is showing symptoms of the illness, it is best to contact a doctor and start the treatment early on. There is no cure for the illness but it can be treated. For a while not people keep talking about feeding the brain with the right dosage of protein, carbohydrates, calcium, and other vital necessities to stop the spread of any long term illness. There have not been any tests that have been proven to work, but in the long run, it does pay to be vigilant as well as take care of the mind and body for a better life. To deal with the problem, everyone has to be on board with patience and caring. For instance, the family must be extremely supportive of the person suffering from the illness. Along with this, one must have the best facilities like a physical therapist, a speech therapist, a dietician, a certified counselor etc.

The main objectives are to ensure that the patient maintains a proper quality of life by improving her/his mental sharpness and physical agility, reducing tremors and rigidity and improving speech patterns, writing skills, posture, gait and balance. Family is usually always there for a loved one but there comes a time when a professional must take over to ensure that the individual receives adequate and correct treatment and responds to it.

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