The Benefits Of Herbs For Treating Depression

15 ways to beat the winter blues, seasonal affective disorder, depressionDepression has probably been around since time immemorial. Herb usage has been around for centuries as well. People in ancient tribes and Shaman have used them for tribal ceremonies and in healing practices. Herbs were used as teas, as food, as poultices (a moist compress applied to injuries). Herbs were smoked and burned as we now use incense. Herbal use is regaining popularity again for a variety of reasons.

Depression Treatments

Typical treatments include antidepressant medications. These medications while beneficial for the most part come with serious side effects. One must decide with your physician whether the benefits are greater than the risk. Many people now are opting for a return to natural healing to avoid the side effects. Prescribed medication costs could pose a serious financial burden on some people. Herbal supplements are less costly and have fewer if any side effects.

Psychotherapy is also called talk therapy or counseling. The basic focus is to help you see your life in a better light. It may help you explore your childhood, your family and friends, and any unresolved issues that may still be “haunting” you and help you to resolve them where its possible.

Herbs/Herbal Supplements are a blend of herbs known to affect mood and the body systems in a positive way. Herbs are combined with vitamins, minerals, and other nutritional substances into a formula that will provide the greatest possible benefits to the consumer.

Grape Seed is an herb with antioxidant characteristics. It is most often used in the treatment of vascular diseases, Hypertension, Cancer, and Macular Degeneration. It may also be beneficial in other serious conditions as well…

Hops are often used to calm restlessness and reduce anxiety. It is also a tension reliever and eases irritability. It may also help insomnia. The only problem with Hops is that it could make depressive feelings worse. In a supplement however, that property is usually balanced out with mood booster herbs.

Passion Flower is an herb that relieves sleep problems and anxiety. It can help with nervousness and general pain relief. It is also beneficial in helping to regulate mood swings.

When supplements are made they should be made according to pharmaceutical standards.
The ingredients’ metabolic paths at the molecular level are tested as are the interactions of the ingredients. This ensures their safety, effectiveness, and potency.

These and other herbs, along with vitamins, especially B vitamins, amino acids and special enzymes help to bring the body to a better state of total health. Herbs for treating Depression are safe and have fewer side effects. They are an option to discuss with your doctor.

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