What To Do In An Emergency

ECT proven to be effective treatment for severe depression ...Every year, there are approximately 1.5 million people that have a heart attack in the United States and at least 500,000 of those people die every year. Heart attacks are caused by a variety of factors including stress, depression, eating unhealthy foods, and not working out regularly. With practically a half a million deaths each and every year, it is imperative that everyone should learn how to deal with a heart attack and how to improve the chances of their survival if they should experience one.

Recognize The Symptoms

The first step is to learn to recognize the symptoms of a heart attack. Warning signs of a heart attack include sudden fatigue, sharp pains in the upper part of the body, pressure on the chest, lack of breath, cold sweats, dizziness, light-headedness, and unexplained nausea or vomiting. If any of these symptoms happen and last under five minutes, there is not need to seek emergency help.

If the symptoms continue for more than five minutes, it is essential to call for help at once and then unlock the front door for the paramedics. Remember that a landline phone service provides the most security with regards to getting emergency medical services, as the phone number is directly linked to a home address. This will make it easier for dispatchers to send help to the right place if the caller is not able to speak clearly enough to give their address.

When a regular ambulance is not a feasible option, there are air ambulance services that can transport the victim to the hospital. An air ambulance service is significantly safer over a regular ambulance simply because it does not have to deal with pot holes and traffic.

Obtain Medical Documents

During an emergency, a small number of people think of the importance of their medical files. These documents will let the emergency medical technicians know what medications the person is allergic to so that they dont cause any more trauma to the patient. Having a list of over-the-counter medications, prescribed drugs, and herbal supplements that the person has been taking is usually beneficial to keep with these documents so the doctor will give a proper diagnosis. You will need to store these documents in an easily accessible area so that, in the instance of an emergency, paramedics can easily retrieve them for the victim.

Stay Calm and Take an Aspirin

While waiting for emergency services, there are a few things that one can do to reduce the severity of the heart attack. Doctors advocate putting a nitroglycerin pill under the tongue plus chewing an aspirin. You will need to stay calm, breathe slowly, and take deep breaths to get more oxygen in the body.

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